Comic-Con: Abrams work on Lost Season 3 is minimal.

JJ Abrams is still being non-committal about whether or not he will direct Trek XI (along with co-producing and co-writing), only going so far as saying he will 'probably' direct. The holdup is probably his multiple projects and deals...a big one of which is his work on the hit show Lost. At a Comic Con panel on Lost, Bryan Burk (Exec Producer on both Lost and Star Trek XI) revealed that JJ Abrams will only have limited involvement in season 3 of Lost. More specifically he stated that JJA will be co-writing the season opener and directing the 5th Episode (scheduled to be on this fall). Since landing the directing job for Mission Impossible 3, Abrams has been mostly absent from the shows he created for ABC (Lost and the now ended Alias). After recently signing on to produce, write and probably direct Star Trek XI (along with additional production deals with Paramount and Warner Television) it is actually surprising Abrams has any time left at all.

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