Comic-Con: Roddenberry Jr. given advance notice of Trek XI announcement

Today at Comic Con, Eugene 'Rod' Roddenberry Jr. (son of late Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry) told a crowd of fans that the Roddenberry family got a call a couple day in advance of Paramount's announcement on Star Trek XI. Roddenberry said this was noteworthy because he and his mother no longer have much of a relationship with Paramount, nor any say over the rights to the future of the Star Trek franchise. Mr. Roddenberry noted that that in the 80s Paramount purchased the rights to the franchise from his late father (after the disapointing results from Star Trek: The Motion Picture). Gene Roddenberry did retain some creative control, but that lapsed after his death in 1991; leaving the Roddenberry family pretty much disconnected from Paramount and Trek. "Before they wouldn't even bother talking to us" he told the crowd.

Doesn't want to be exploited
I asked Mr. Roddenberry if he felt that they would be keeping him in the loop on developments regarding Trek XI and he said he wasnt sure, but commented "at least now there is someone I can call to talk to". Although he saw the heads up as a nice gesture. Roddenberry believes that he shouldn't (if asked) get involved with Star Trek officially. Such a move, he fears, would just be a publicity stunt...mocking the slogan "Son of Star Trek creator involved new Star Trek".

Roddenberry was at Comic-Con previewing and promoting his documentary 'Trek Nation' about his personal journey learning about his father and what his father's work meant to people. More info at

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At 10:06 AM, Anonymous Artoo Detoo said...

I hope that someday Paramount does agree to more talks with Rodenberry Jr, it just seems like an honest thing to do.

It just seems greedy for Paramount to cut all ties with the family after the father passes away.

Much of the lost ratings and fan discontentment lately has been because of a clear lack of communication between the fans and Paramount. If they hope to revive what they once had, opening ties with Rodenberry Jr seems like a nice gesture.

There's a reason why all of those Star Trek Conventions exist, and thats because Star Trek is a very "Community Oriented" Franchise.

So I can't help but agree and support any plans that involve opening up 'Trek out of its limited "ego centered" circle of executives and studio suits - and back into the care of its fans.

I feel that Rodenberry is just like any other Trek Enthusiast - disconnected from the franchise, and open to communications with paramount.

The fans may not agree on what Star Trek's strengths were in the past, or where it should head into the future - but the fans do care, Paramount only needs to nuture their community, just like any other - and just like all those years ago: when Star Trek first began - it will soon take on a life of its own once again.

I look forward to the future.


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