FAQ and Site updated...plus a new name!

Well Star Trek XI: the blog is less than two weeks old but already we are getting hundreds of visitors a day and have been linked by the official Trek XI Wiki as well as numerous Trek sites. Since it seems that this site is going bigtime I have updated the design...most importantly there is a new cool navbar at the top (^look up^) that links you to the 3 key sections
[update...now with new names]

1 The Trek XI Report

what you are looking at now!...for the latest news, rumors, musings, etc
2 Star Trek XI FAQ
all the info on STXI summarized in an easy to digest form
3 Star Trek XI media
all available downloads and media for ST XI

In addition I have updated the FAQ to reflect events from Comic Con and some more interviews. If you are confused about all the rumors or need more info...get the FAQs. I have also added a 'tips' link to send in emails for anything we missed...or any inside info (I am looking at you CBS/Paramount/BadRobot people that I know are reading this).

The future is bright
Not only is this the first, but I will endeavor to ensure this is the best site for Star Trek XI up to and after its release (then of course...the The Trek XII Report...electric bogaloo). The last couple of weeks have been hectic with the Abrams deal announcement and ComicCon, so news on STXI may die down a bit, but I plan on blogging away...finding any little morsel of Trek XI related news. Plus I have some interviews lined up and will be writing some (brief) thoughts on the direction of the franchise and Trek XI (just for you JJ!) So stay tuned to the Trek XI Report. And for those tech savvy users...don't forget to subscribe to the feed.

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