Win a Trek XI teaser poster at is giving away 40 of the Star Trek XI teaser posters (in honor of the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek). They will be giving away 10 posters per week for the next 4 weeks.

Click the banner to check out the contest:

[UPDATE: rules state contest is for 18 year old + USA residents only...sorry] has also posted their first of two Comic-Con reports: Alive and Trekkin' 1, where they had this to say about Trek XI:
But of course, there is something new to look forward to, though it's two years away — an 11th movie under the leadership of J.J. Abrams. And to that end, Paramount Pictures used Comic-Con weekend to unveil its new teaser art: an Original Series Enterprise badge with a cloth texture, surrounded by command-uniform gold and science-officer blue, with "2008" and "STARTREK.COM" prominently shown in lieu of a title. The image first appeared on this site digitally as a splash page Saturday morning (related story), and concurrent with that, the Paramount booth at San Diego starting handing out 19.75"x13.25" mini-posters to everyone who passed by during the latter half of the con. There was no formal announcement or anything — not even at our Friday panel, when we were still sworn to secrecy! — just a discreet dissemination of the image. As our earlier article noted, let the speculations begin!

What you can win

Not to go off on a rant or anything....

I was at that event on Friday (as reported here) and am a bit shocked they didnt announce it then...

CBS Panel on the Future of Trek...where is the poster proving it has a Future?

...There it is (a day later) hiding in the tiny Paramount Booth

I have been told the poster was ready to go days earlier, but for some reason Paramount marketing wanted to wait until Saturday to bring it out at their booth...with no announcement or event. Seems like there is still some coordination issues between CBS and Paramount


...irregardless it is a cool go win a poster!

posted by Tony P @ 11:38 PM,


At 11:18 AM, Blogger Elysium said...

Well, too bad living here in Canada makes me ineligible to enter this giveaway. What a peculiar rule IMO.

At 11:34 AM, Blogger Tony P said...

I hadnt noticed that earlier

perhaps I should have a contest?


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