Damon, Dorn, Dae Kim, and more in a news roundup

The Matt Damon buzz keeps on going, just today Slashdot and Metafilter are 'reporting' that IMDB is 'reporting' that Damon will play Kirk. Astute readers of both quickly put up links to The Trek XI Report's IMDB Corrections article. To our knowledge it is still officially a rumor...if that changes, Trek XI Report readers will be the first to know.

Star Trek Enteprise vet and avowed Trek fan Daniel Dae Kim tells IGN that he gave some advice to Trek XI producer JJ Abrams: "Dont blow it" and "make sure the ships are cool"...we agree. Lost co-star Jorge Garcia suggests he, Kim and Abrams' pal Greg Grunberg can all don alien makeup for a 'star wars style cantina scene'. Garcia as a Horta anyone?
(tip to TrekWeb)

Trek XI producer Damon Lindelof tells SciFi Wire that fellow fellow Lost co-creator (and Trek XI head honcho) JJ Abrams is 'in the loop' with everything going on with Lost, including working on the script for the season opener with Lindelof (sending things back and forth from his Maine vacation). Lost's third season will begin shooting in Hawaii shortly. Abrams has also recently told TV Guide that he Orci and Kurtzman are working on the first draft of Star Trek XI. Maybe by working on both Lost and Trek scripts at the same time we may end up with some crossover leakage??...Lostzilla attacking the Enterprise? People beaming off the island??

Michael Dorn tells the Seattle Times that he still regularly hangs out with his Star Trek The Next Generation costers Brent Spiner, Gates Mc Fadden and Marina Sirtis. Discussing Paramount's plans for Trek XI, he says that any further adventures for him and his TNG co-stars is a 'longshot' and 'farfetched', concluding "My gut reaction is Worf is Done".

The recent critical comments about Trek XI from Dorn and co-star Marina Sirtis have been making the rounds. Cinematical seems to be taking their side with this: "until Paramount puts the franchise in the hands of people who both love and understand the Trek universe, it probably isn't going anywere but down". We agree, that is why people like non-Trek fan Stuart Baird (director of Star Trek Nemesis) are out and the likes of JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are in...who all seem to both love and understand Trek

Did you know that Star Trek XI executive producer Bryan Burk had an official fan website? Neither did we, but we do now thanks to the the webmaster who run it and sent the Trek Report a 'hello'. She also runs an 'unofficial' JJ Abrams fansite and a fansite for JJ Abrams production company Badrobot called Evil Puppetmasters. (which has a bit about the Trek XI Report today..thanks guys)...it seems they are all over the creative team behind Lost and Star Trek XI...we will keep in touch.

See the DVD's that got JJ Abrams Star Trek. Well indirectly...Abrams says it was an assistant giving Tom Cruise copies of the first two seasons of Alias that got Abrams the gig to do Mission Impossible III, which got his foot in the door at Paramount and the notice of Grad Greay, who in turn used Star Trek as a lure to sign Abrams on to a longterm contract.(did you get that?) TV Shows on DVD report that a special edition box set of all 5 seasons will be released this November. If you want to see some good TV made by 3 members of the Trek XI creative team (Abrams, Orci and Kurtzman), check out Alias...especially the first two seasons (before JJ moved on to Lost)

Trek Today reports that viewers of TV Land will soon be able to watch episodes of the original series of Star Trek. Trek The will air 3 episodes on Sept 8th then put the show into their regular schedule in the fall. It appears it will still will appear on G4. Viewers may want to brush up on their original series shows, since it appears they will be the inspriation for JJ Abrams and Star Trek XI

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Thanks for the pimpage, Tony! I added a link for this blog in my "Important Links" list on the EPM site. I'll add you to the JJ and Burky sites this weekend.

Oh, and for the record, I'm a "she" not a "he" ;)

At 12:07 PM, Blogger Tony P said...

sorry for the gender bending there hijinx....I will amend

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ah hijinx...so nice of you to point me in this direction...
Hello tony!
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