Sirtis & Burton want Trek XI to be a TNG film...admit Nemesis 'sucked' [VIDEO]

Marina Sirtis (TNG's Deanna Troi) and Levar Burton (TNG's Geordi La Forge) attended a panel (last September) to discuss their work on Star Trek: The Next Generation. In a video posted this week to YouTube (below) you can see their answers to questions about their most recent Trek films as well as Paramount's plans for switching from the TNG cast to a TOS prequel for Star Trek XI (UPDATE NOTE: since this video was shot Paramount have cancelled plans for one prequel project from Rick Berman and greenlit another prequel project produce by JJ Abrams...but both concepts are rumored to be set pre-TOS and not include the TNG casts)

[update: astute reader TRexx tips us that the panel was from Last September's DragonCon.]

Want another shot
Neither seem to feel that the TNG cast had a film where they can make a proper 'bow out' for the TNG era (like the Original Series cast did with Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country).Sirtis takes it further and slammed a prequel concept for Trek XI and calls on TNG fans to 'innundate Paramount' with letters and emails demanding that she and her co-stars get another shot at the big screen. [again, although the specifics have changed, Paramount still seem to be planning a prequel without the TNG cast]

Arent happy with their last films
Burton and Sirtis both admit that their last effort Star Trek Nemesis was less than stellar. Burton explaination on why Nemsis did so badly "because it sucked", Sirtis followed on by saying "it didnt suck as much as Insurrection", referring their previous film Star Trek: Insurrection. They seem to agree the fault of Nemesis poor performance and quality lands solely at the feet of director Stuart Baird who they say never had seen a single episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. One has to wonder who they blame for Insurrection 'sucking' (as they put it), Insurrection was directed by fellow TNG co-star Jonathan Frakes.

video via YouTube user Olafsdotter

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At 2:46 PM, Blogger Captain Future said...

I was wondering when they were going to be forthright about Stuart Baird. I don't agree about Insurrection, though, although the Next Gen movies in general looked too much like TV, and had TV rhythms. But it's clear from this interview, and Dorn, that these TNG cast members are the last link to Gene Roddenberry and his Star Trek, and that makes me very sad.

At 3:30 PM, Blogger TRexx VRRRM said...

This is old news, from DragonCon in September 2005.

The Star Trek XI being discussed in this video is not JJ Abrams' movie, it's the script that was being written by Erik Jendresen under Rick Berman. Apples and oranges.


At 3:56 PM, Blogger Tony P said...

thanks for the tip...I will ammend

At 4:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's actually inaccurate. The JJ Abrams movie is *still* likely to be a prequel flick judging from the promotional material and word from inside Paramount.

At 5:07 PM, Blogger Tony P said...

i believe what TRexx is point out is that they were speaking about a different movie

it is true that in the details, the projects themselves are very different, with a different creative team and specific plotlines (Berman's plot would have been set well before TOS and focus on the Romulan war, whereas JJ Abrams prequel appears to focus closer to the TOS timeframe). Irregardless, both are prequels and neither would be a 'swan song' for the TNG crew

Sirtis as recently as May said essentially the same things, but that time specifically attacking JJ Abrams prequel

At 7:50 PM, Anonymous Wowbagger said...

Wow... THAT'S what I love about this webpage.

"It sucked." Wonderful.

Marina missed the TrekUnited campaign, though, didn't she? The fans have no power. It's very sad. But great interview.


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