Trek XI Writers Kurtzman and Orci Doing Live Chat For Transformers Movie

Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci may writing the return of Star Trek to the big screen, but Trek isn't their first job on a big franchise at Paramount (nor their second). Before taking on Star Trek XI the pair co-wrote this year's M:I:3 and next year's Transformers Movie. Tomorrow they will be holding a live chat at Yahoo Movies at 2pm Eastern Time about the upcoming Transformers film. During the chat they will be revealing which specific transformers will appear in the new movie. After that they will be taking questions. Questions can be submitted ahead of time by emailing or visiting the official movie site. I have already submitted quite a few questions related to Trek (it is unlikely they will want to talk about anything but Transformers...but it is worth a try). There will be a full report on any news out of the live chat here tomorrow.

Transformer's Film is a big test for Orci and Kurtzman
The pair have already shown they can jump into a franchise and add new dimensions to the characters with M:I:3. Transformers however is a whole new kind of challenge. It will be very interesting to see how well they take a somewhat fanboyish anime cartoon and make it into a live action summer blockbuster. If they can make Transformers into a film for the general public, then Star Trek should be a walk in the park, especially for two avowed Trekkies.

Will we get live chats for Trek XI too?
It is a welcome sign to see Orci and Kurtzman and Paramount Pictures marketing using the web in innovative ways. As we reported here weeks ago, CBS Digital and Paramount are working on their web strategy for Trek XI on, we can only hope that these kinds of interactions with the fans will be part of that plan. Chats with fans are not unheard of in Trek, Ron Moore used to do a regular AOL chat for DS9 for example.

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